Paper in Macromolecules on anisotropic colloids

A new paper has been published as a collaboration with EPFL CECAM Prof Ignacio Pagonabarraga. The publication Diaz J, Pinna M, Zvelindovsky AV, Pagonabarraga I. Nonspherical Nanoparticles in Block Copolymer Composites: Nanosquares, Nanorods, and Diamonds. Macromolecules. 2019 52(21)  introduces a general approach to simulate colloidal nanoparticles of any shape belonging to the super-ellipses family, including rectangles, ellipses and rhomboids.


In this work we study the self-assembled structures formed due to the anisotropy of the nanoparticles in block copolymer melts. The aspect ratio is shown to play a key role in achieving ordered structures within one of the block copolymer phases, which is different from circular colloids.


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