Physics Seminar: Dr Theodoros Kouloukas

Date: Wednesday 19th of February 2020, 14:00.
Location: INB3305 (Isaac Newton Building, #14).

‘Integrability properties of generalized Lotka-Volterra systems’

by Dr Theodoros E. Kouloukas, School of Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.


Lotka-Volterra systems are predator-prey models which describe the population evolution in hierarchical systems of competing species. In this talk a new parametric family of Hamiltonian Lotka-Volterra systems is presented. These systems display rich dynamical behavior that varies according to particular choices of the parameters. We determine sufficient conditions which result in integrable and superintegrable behavior, while we numerically explore the complementary cases, where these conditions are not satisfied.


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