Nanotechnology Workshop

On Monday 18th-Friday 22nd January, The University of Lincoln hosted an online international interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Workshop, organised by four Schools across the College of Science: Engineering, Maths & Physics, Chemistry, and Pharmacy.

The workshop explored Nanotechnology, from fundamentals to innovation and enterprise, in the fields of architecture, healthcare, oil and gas and energy. The workshop included international speakers from both academia and industry; from our School Manuela Mura presented “Computer simulations of interactions of antimicrobial peptides with membranes” and Waqar Ahmed presented “Vapour deposition processes”. Participants also enjoyed virtual tours of our Isaac Newton Building and Joseph Banks Laboratories, as well as the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy (University of Liverpool). The complete programme can be found here.

The workshop was well-received by participants across the globe and the daily group activities demonstrated the advantages of “internationalisation from home”, with both home and international participants enjoying cultural exchange.

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