PhD position: Collective behaviour of autonomous organisms: from bio-particles to robotics

Theory of Complex Matter

The project is supervised by Dr Fabien Paillusson (lead), Dr Alan Millard and Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky

Students who are interested in applying are advised to get in touch with Dr Fabien Paillusson <FPaillusson@lincoln.ac.uk>.

Deadline for application is February 28, 2021 and more details about the application process can be found here

About the Project

This project aims to develop physical models of collective behaviour derived from biological systems comprising self-propelling agents, such as schools of fish and flocks of birds, and to then transform them into swarming behaviours of mobile robots. The ultimate aim is to improve the design of complex behaviours for robot swarms by integrating elements of collective intelligence inspired by biological agents.

Active Matter is an emerging interdisciplinary field in physics and applied mathematics that refers to systems comprising interacting agents that can drive their own motion (such as birds, fish, insects, “smart” artificial micro-particles…

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