Maths Christmas Lecture 2014

Today Andrei delivered Mathematics Christmas Lecture 2014
“Amazing flocking of birds: is it biology or mathematics?“

The talk examined how and why such occurrences – which can also include the movements of human crowds and groups of bacteria – take place. Researchers in the field say that this so-called active matter form movements which make them appear to be a single organism, and is at the forefront of modern interdisciplinary research.

The lecture took place on today, Wednesday 17th December 2014 at 3pm in the Engineering Hub (ENG208) on the University’s main Brayford Campus. The room was nearly fully packed with members of the public, including over 60 pupils of UTC Lincoln.

Before the lecture start the Christmas mood was uplifted even further with a short mechanics wonder demonstration form the engineering labs: a stable upside-down pendulum.

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