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Mura  M., Dennison S. R., Zvelindovsky A. V., Phoenix D. A. “Aurein 2.3 functionality is supported by oblique orientated alpha-helical formation”, Biochimica et biophysica acta  1828 (2013) 586-94.


Pinna M., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Large scale simulation of block copolymers with Cell Dynamics”, Eur. Phys. J. B 85 (2012) 210, 18pp.

20 years of MTS

Pinna M., Pagonabarraga I., Zvelindovsky A. V., “Modelling of hybrid block copolymer-nanoparticle composite materials”, Macromolecular Theory & Simulations 20 (2011) 769–779.

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Caddeo C.,  Dessi’ R.,  Melis C., Colombo L.,  Mattoni A., “Poly3-hexylthiophene adhesion on Zinc Oxide Nanoneedles”, J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (2011) 16833.

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Pinna M., Zvelindovsky A. V. M.,  Guo X.,  Stokes C. L. “Diblock copolymer sphere morphology in ultra thin films under shear”, Soft Matter  7 (2011) 6991-6997.

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Sevink G. J. A.,  Pinna M.,  Langner K. M.,   Zvelindovsky A. V. “Selective disordering of lamella-forming diblock copolymers under an electric field”, Soft Matter  7 (2011) 5161-5170.

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Denham N.,  Holmes M.C., Zvelindovsky A.V., “The Phases in a Non-Ionic Surfactant (C12E6) – Water Ternary System: A Coarse-Grained Computer Simulation”,  J. Phys. Chem. B 115 (2011) 1385–1393.

Marco’s invited paper on the prize-winning PhD thesis

Pinna M., “Modelling of Block Copolymer Systems with Cell Dynamics”,

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Pinna M., Hiltl S., Guo X., Böker A., Zvelindovsky A. V., “Block Copolymer Nanocontainers”, ACS Nano 4 (2010) 2845-2855

Journals 1989-2009

2009 Pinna M., Guo X., Zvelindovsky A. V., “Diblock copolymers in a cylindrical pore”, J. Chem. Phys. 131 214902 Ly D. Q., Honda T., Kawakatsu T., Zvelindovsky A. V., “Electric field-induced transitions in perforated lamella of ABA triblock copolymer thin film”, Soft Matter 5 4814-4822 Sevink G. J. A., Zvelindovsky A. V. “Confined spheres-forming diblock copolymers: phase behaviour and the role of chain architecture”,… Read More ›


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